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Here at Basil Boss® we know the importance of a good meal, and we focus our family-owned business on providing that. We do more than just drop off our product. We ensure to partner with your school to make serving a delicious lunch easy. With us, you can trust that each pizza is filled with the nourishment your student needs to tackle his or her days.

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Pizza is the #1 student lunch choice.

Students want options - Basil Boss® provides variety.

Our Products

Basil Boss® pizza crust is more than just a crust with sauce. It’s an open canvas to create the ideal pizza your students will crave. It’s a crust made of the finest whole grain honey wheat flour that is hand-pressed then par baked with no proofing required for prep. We top the crust with our premium marinara sauce allowing you to create your masterpiece.



Basil Boss® meets all food buying guidelines for the USDA National School Lunch Program for both whole-grain rich and red/orange vegetable.

Giving back

Basil Boss will make a donation to your county’s school nutrition program at the end of each school year based on volume. 



"Basil Boss was a huge hit today!"

-The Director of Georgia

"The students loved this; so did the staff!"

-The Director of South Carolina

"I broke lent because I liked it so much!"

-Student Review

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